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CARL BARKS - Creator of the Duck Universe!




CARL BARKS, Duckman!

When we think about Duckburg, Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Duey and Luey, Donald Duck, the Beagle Boys, Magica de Spell, and the entire duck family, we sometimes imagine the famous Television animated show "DuckTales," or some will think of the many comic books that had come out in the past, and most will thank the Disney studio for coming up with the entire idea. But what many people don't realize is that the entire duck universe that we now know didn't come from the Disney studio alone, but actually came from the mind and imagination of a single Disney artistic employee named Carl Barks!

When Mr. Barks came to Disney in the early animation days, Donald Duck and Heuy, Duey and Louie had already been created for about five years. But what they didn't have was any type of a true personality. Donald, for instance, was nothing more than a hot-headed, quacking duck who blew his fuse at the drop of a hat. The project of this duck was given over to Mr. Barks, who was given free license to elaborate on the dense personality of the now extremely famous duck. And as a result, what we see now is a duck who not only has a rotten temper, but he now is a clutz who loves to throw out one-liners that are really funny.

Drawing the animation for the very early Donald Duck cartoons, Mr. Barks was asked to illustrate and actually write the Donald Duck comic book series. This was perhaps the best idea that the Disney studio ever come up with. Why is Donald so famous today? We have Mr. Barks and not Mr. Disney to thank for that.

We are not only extreme Carl Barks fans, but we admit that our favorite character in the Barks universe that the Duckman created did not come into play until a few years after Donald began laying those golden eggs! In the famous Disney movie "A Christmas Carol," Mr. Barks invented another now famous duck for the sole purpose of the movie; of course we are speaking of Uncle Scrooge McDuck! Mr. Barks instantly fell in love with the new duck idea and wanted to take him further than just that movie. He then began to write him into the Donald Duck stories, with great success, and eventually, in about 1952, gave him his own comic book series - which was an extremely wise move! The magic then began to unfold.

Armed with National Geographic magazines for story inspirations, Mr. Barks took Uncle Scrooge, Donald and the boys into all parts of the entire world on extreme adventures that taught all us readers good history lessons for a bonus! And when Mr. Barks quit writing comic books in the early 1960's, what he left us was an entire duck universe that was weilded single-handedly from his pen alone.

The duck-mantle then passed to a Barks enthusist named Don Rosa, who became the new Duckman, who stayed true to the universe that Barks created.

These pages that we are proud to present here are a dedication to the old duck man, whom we feel was an absolute artistic genius!!


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